Half Up- Half Down (Step by Step : with NEUMA National Designer, Bobby Paul)

Half Up- Half Down (Step by Step : with NEUMA National Designer, Bobby Paul)
January 30, 2016 Webmaster Mark

Don’t you love Anna Kendrick’s half up half down from the Grammy Awards this year?

NEUMA National Design Artist Bobby Paul will walk you through how to get this look at home.

Step by Step: HALF UP – HALF DOWN

  1. Start with damp hair and apply neuVolume™ styling mouse at the root and neuVolume blow out mist mid shady to ends to add shine and maximum volume to hair.
  2. With a medium round brush, blow dry up and away from the head to get maximum volume and to activate the neuVolume products.
  3. Once dry, apply a light spray of neuStyling™ extender to the ends for heat protection and lasting style. Curl with a large curling iron wand, starting at 2 inches from root to ends.
  4. Once curled, use a small amount of neuSmooth™ illuminating mist on the side that is to be pulled back for ultimate shine and to control flyways.
  5. Comb the hair back multiple times until desired smoothness is achieved, secure with bobby pins right behind the ear. Use your Bobby pins in a criss cross fashion to anchor the hair in place.
  6. To finish break up the curls with your fingers. Then style. Use neuControl firm hair spray to set the style.

TIP:  For coarser hair or hair that lacks shine, add another application of neuSmooth illuminating mist to add Maximum shine.

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“I use NEUMA products the same way I would use my scissors or brushes— they are my tools. The use of all these products allows me to prep the hair, and create the look I want, knowing it will last all day and night on the red carpet.” Bobby Paul –