Surviving No Shave November with NEUMA (Growvember)!

Surviving No Shave November with NEUMA (Growvember)!
November 1, 2015 Webmaster Mark

It’s November and time for guys to put up their razors, shavers, and trimmers for the month and help raise cancer awareness by not shaving. This worldwide movement has raised awareness and millions of dollars for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, and other associated charities.

The pure hilarity of men everywhere starting to look bushy, rugged, and like they joined a ZZ top roadie group is a great time for everyone. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy as it looks. Growing a beard is like growing and maintaining the perfect lawn; it takes patience, the right conditions, and a lot of hydration. Without the combination of these things you can end up looking how most lawns look: patchy, stubby, and dry.

NEUMA offers several solutions to the botheration’s of beard growing; check out our recipe guide below:

Challenge: My Beard Grows Slow and Patchy

Recipe: Wash your face twice-daily using reNeu shampoo; the corn mint extract is an amazing vasodilator that will encourage hair growth and even blood flow on the skins surface.

Challenge: The skin under my beard is oily and can get acne

Recipe: Scrub your face weekly using reNeu scalp therapy; this exfoliator is filled with all sorts of natural cleansers like fennel seed and bamboo fiber. On the other hand it will calm the skins oil production with calming oils such as vanilla and lavender. Key Point: if you exfoliate you always have to follow up with a moisturizer.

Challenge: My beard grows in hard and coarse

Recipe: A hydrated beard is a soft beard; the key is to condition daily. Yes, conditioner on your beard! Use reNeu condition daily to keep your stubble soft and your skin softer!

Challenge: My beard is all over the place and very stubborn

Recipe: neuStyling clay is a great way to tame those wiry beard hairs without looking to coif. The matte finish and strong hold offers all day shape with minimal shine, keeping your beard as masculine as possible. Key Point: really emulsify this product and warm it up in your hands before applying, and remember less is more.

Challenge: My beard is dry, lacks shine, and just looks blah

Recipe: 1-2 pumps of neuRepair argan oil will turn your beard from dull to full of life! This skin grade oil blend adds shine, hydration, and repair to your beard without even trying. Key point: make sure you apply evenly, starting at the neck to avoid unwanted heaviness.

Don’t worry; I know what most of you are thinking… I fight all of the above! Many men suffer from all of those challenges.

For that reason we have put together our NEUMA Movember survival guide. A handy kit for the multi use man looking to spruce up his image this holiday season. Each product mentioned above is included along with a cool travel bag to store your products in.

Don’t let your beard embarrass you. Use NEUMA to get the beard envy you’ve always wanted. Check out our salon locator for a salon nearest you. NEUMA is only available at fine salons and spas worldwide.

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