2022 Hair Trends

2022 Hair Trends

The Biggest Haircut Trends You'll Be Seeing in 2022

Grab your straightening iron — or don't. Both sleek and untouched textures will be thriving in the new year. Allure.com reached out to top stylists, including NEUMA’s Director of Education, Gina Scipioni, to share their trend predictions. Here’s what you can expect.

The New Shag

Probably the coolest haircut trend of the new year is the shag. The best part about the shag haircut is it’s all about textured layers, so a talented stylist knows how to make that work for all hair types and textures. Best of all, you have so many options when styling this cut. Stars like Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus, and Jennifer Lopez have already adopted the look and are making it a mainstay for 2022. Reach for NEUMA’s neuStyling gelee, which gives the shag so many styling options. neuStyling gelee can be air-dried for enhancing wave pattern or blow dried for a little more polish and a lot fewer flyaways. On second- and third-day hair, revive your style and add even more texture using a pea-size amount of neuStyling gelee on dry hair.

Natural Waves

Perhaps we have the pandemic to thank for making us comfortable with ditching our hot tools, but according to Allure.com, “wavy-haired friends, it’s your time to shine. This is the year to air-dry and fly.” Women everywhere are embracing their natural texture and no longer feel the need to flat iron or curl into perfection. Luckily, simple leave-in treatment stylers can help enhance your waves and help cut back on frizz. Try NEUMA’s neuStyling firm hold gel by emulsifying into a creamy consistency and applying throughout damp hair from mid-lengths to ends. Allow to air dry and go! For an amplified wave pattern, before bed, follow the same steps, but wrap in two buns and secure with a soft scrunchie. In the morning, release for incredible waves.

Braids are Back

Easy, carefree braids make a great addition to your style arsenal. We are seeing them for wear to work and date night too! NEUMA’s neuStyling texturizer is great to have on hand (literally) when braiding. Just a pea-size amount on previously detangled hair makes a great braid primer as it offers control, shine and texture – all things we love in braids. Whatever your current favorite hairstyle is, just add an accent braid, and you’ll be all set for 2022. 

Hair Accessories

If it can go in your hair, it should! Accessories of all kinds graced Fashion Week globally this year. Anything from headbands, clips and scarfs to even hair bows were seen through Fashion Week and on the Red Carpet, helping us know exactly how to style for 2022. One of my favorite pro tips for working with hair accessories is to make sure the hair is well-prepped before adding the finishing touches of a hair accessory. To do that, we recommend you reach for NEUMA’s neuMoisture instant fix. This multi-purpose product is a lightweight, creamy spray that nourishes hair and scalp, helps protect against heat damage, adds shine, and helps seal the hair cuticle for overall health, which is essential when adding accessories so your hair can shine as bright as your hair bling! 

Check out NEUMA’s 100% synthetic fragrance-free neuStyling collection to update your style routine for 2022. For more trend predictions, visit the full article at Allure.com.