Father’s Day Faves

Father’s Day Faves

NEUMA celebrates all hair types, textures and lengths, but today we give special attention to the dads in our life or our chair. We’ve narrowed down our incredible NEUMA lineup to a simple selection that we find men love! 

Prep Step

For those who like to start the day off right, men can’t help but love our reNeu Collection

With an awakening and refreshing aromas of peppermint and vanilla, reNeu shampoo is perfect for gently cleansing hair and scalp and for removing styling remove buildup from products, hard water, scalp debris/sweat, and dandruff while promoting a healthy scalp for healthy hair growth. Another favorite is neuVolume shampoo which provides gentle, mild cleansing while soothing the scalp and fragile hair and offering thinning hair invisible lift and fullness. 

Pro Tip! Men, don’t be afraid of the blow drier! Blow drying can often achieve the look of fuller, thicker hair. Most of the time, thirty seconds with fingers or brush and a blow dryer is all that’s needed to help hair rise to the challenge.


When it comes to styling, it is best to choose your stylers based on two main factors – shine and hold. The perfect amount of each will keep hair in check without looking forced. 

neuStyling clay

neuStyling clay offers a semi-matte sheen (or subtle shine) with a moderately firm hold. Emulsify neuStyling clay in palms for a few seconds before applying to hair to ensure the best glide for even application. Not sure how much to use? Pick up a small amount of clay by placing three fingertips on the clay and circle the clay three times with light to medium pressure. If that’s not enough, add a pea-size amount until you find the perfect portion. 


neuStyling texturizer

For those with bulk, waves, or curls to define, neuStyling texturizer delivers the right amount of separation and flexible hold. This medium shine flexible fiber cream is humidity resistant, moveable and lightweight, making for easy styling, especially when running fingers through or if you have a habit of re-styling hair throughout the day. Start with a pea-size amount and spread over fingertips before applying. For maximum separation or definition, try twisting sections of the hair. This will encourage the hair to stay separated throughout the day. 

neuStyling pomade

When a polished and groomed look is what you’re going for, reach for neuStyling pomade. With a high shine and a medium hold, it helps hair slick into place while keeping the hair healthy, thanks to our vegetable glycerin and apricot kern oil. neuStyling pomade has humidity protection and helps with static control, so it’s great for summer and winter. A dime-size amount or less is generally the go-to amount for short to medium lengths. 

Whether slick, disheveled, tousled or refined, NEUMA delivers the style your dad or dude is looking for. Be sure to check out our entire Styling portfolio for additional products he’s sure to love.

Happy Father’s Day!