Growth Opportunities

Growth Opportunities

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month, and in this soon-to-be-post-pandemic world, there is a ton of buzz surrounding the topic. 

According to the New York Times, many doctors are reporting an uptick in patients suffering from stress-related hair loss. According to experts, this hair loss is “a byproduct of both immense stress and post-viral inflammation from COVID-19. Known as telogen effluvium in the medical world, temporary hair loss results from fever, illness and severe stress pushing more hairs than normal into the shedding phase.”

So what can you do help?

Here are some pro tips from NEUMA Education Director Gina Scipioni to help those suffering from pandemic-related hair loss:

  • A healthy scalp allows for healthy hair growth and longevity. reNeu scalp therapy is designed with exactly that in mind using beneficial pea sprout extract and corn mint ingredients to help strengthen hair follicles essential for stimulating hair growth. It also gently exfoliates the scalp to help remove buildup on the scalp like excess sebum, which can clog and minimize the follicle, hindering healthy hair from emerging.

  • When it comes to styling, neuVolume blow out mist is great for big, bouncy blow outs that last to help keep your hair look fuller and thicker.

  • Relax. Try to incorporate time into every day for self-care, whether it’s meditation, getting outside, exercise or doing something to help relieve stress.

  • As with any hair care concern, always remember to have your client check with your physician if there’s a medical concern.