Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

One thing is for sure, the styling opportunities for long hair “are as endless as your strands, but it can be all too easy to get into a messy-bun-and-go rut. From braids and ponytails to playing with accessories Byrdie.com sought out expert stylists for their favorite quick and easy hairstyles perfect for long hair to give you a healthy dose of inspiration. One of the experts hand-selected by Byrdie: Gina Scipioni, NEUMA’s Director of Education. Here are Gina’s faves as a long hair lover, herself.


 This gorgeous hairstyle (seen backstage at Max Mara's S/S 19 show) looks super impressive but is so easy to re-create. All you need is the ability to three-strand braid and a scarf, cord, or rope to tie around the base. Follow these easy directions from Gina:

  • First, gather the hair into a ponytail at the nape of the neck and secure with an elastic. Then, detangle hair and separate it into three equal sections. Be mindful of keeping each strand tangle-free with NEUMA’s neuStyling smoothing crème while working and label the three strands 1, 2, 3 (or left, middle, right) to make it easier to keep track.
  • Start by picking up the strand closest to your dominant hand and cross it in between the other two strands. It is now the new middle strand.
  • Repeat that, starting with the strand on the opposite side. Every time, alternate sides. Cross the outside strand over top of the middle strand.
  • Remember, the braid will start to look like a chain of hearts when completed correctly.

Other easy to achieve long hair looks form Gina…


When pulling hair half up, one great tip to be mindful of is to look at your face shape and structure as well as decide whether or not your ears are seen or hidden. These two factors can make or break the style and take a look from boho chic to minimalist to rock n roll with just a few simple changes. It’s a great idea to try out new half-up styles before intending to wear them, so it’s easier to make tiny modifications that help the best features really shine through. Make sure to prep the hair before beginning the style. This can be as easy as detangling hair with NEUMA’s neuMoisture instant fix and a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush. This will help make hair more manageable, bring out hairs’ shine, and most importantly, reduce frizz and flyaway pieces creating the best look possible.


A scarf or bow can make a fashionable addition to summer styles and help keep hair up while cooling us down!  One way to know if a scarf is too thick is with what I call the ‘OK test.’ If the scarf is too thick to fit through the hole made by the pointer and thumb, like when making the OK sign with your hand, then it’s usually too thick to use in the hairstyle.  A trending hairstyle with a skinny scarf made of thin material for this summer is to create a high ponytail and tie the scarf around the hair tie. Then use the scarf tails as one or two of the strands when creating a three-strand braid! This will give any ponytail a major upgrade and only takes a minute!

TIP: When styling long hair with a bow, a good rule of thumb is...the bigger the bow, the lower it should go. This is a great reminder that a large bow that sits high on the head can create a child-like appearance; however, a large box at the base of the style adds a touch of style and elegance with a hint of flirtation.


Strategically place your space buns lower on the head for a more mature yet easy-going look. Make sure they are secure by using miniature elastic bands and neuStyling texturizer.

  • Start by evenly distributing a pea-size neuStyling texturizer on fingertips and then through both portions of the hair as a way to keep flyaways, frizzy, and baby hairs in their place. 
  • Create buns like two pigtails using the tiny elastics. On the last pull-through, wrapping the elastic only pull the hair through about one-third of the way. Depending on the length of the pigtails or how large the space bun will be, the one-third measurement may vary. 
  • Then, with the remainder of the strand that was not pulled through, wrap it around or braid it around the outside of the bun. To secure these ends, use another miniature elastic or two bobby pins crossed at the base of the buns. This will help give support to your trendy space buns, so they won’t go flat no matter where in the universe you’re heading!


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