Salon Pros: A Back Bar Experience

Salon Pros: A Back Bar Experience

One of the things you and your clients love about NEUMA is the incredible sensorial experience each of our formulas provide. Elevating their experience at the back bar with a customized NEUMA treatment provides each guest with something truly unique that is all about them, addresses their hair needs and instantly builds loyalty to your salon. 

NEUMA allows us the opportunity to impress every guest thanks to our high-performance products with incredible aromatherapy blends that not only deeply nourish and benefit the hair but allow salon guests to relax and unwind. Whether offering a treatment to your guest as a complimentary reward, a stand-alone service or building it right into the service total, there will be no denying the satisfying results that NEUMA creates from shampoo through style.

Treatment Services:

  • Provide salon guests with a personalized experience that will increase client loyalty
  • Creates a point of difference for your salon – taking the extra steps shows clients you care
  • Preps clients’ hair and sets the foundation for you to deliver your best work behind the chair
  • Gives an opportunity to talk to your clients about what you’re using
  • Educating them on the benefits of each formula will help drive retail sales
  • Increases your service dollars

We’ve pulled together a detailed, step-by-step Treatment Guide to walk you through how to perform each of our four Back Bar Treatments:  1) Complete Scalp & Hair Therapy 2) Moisture Treatment 3) Full-On Body Treatment 4) Brilliant Blonde Treatment. Before we get into the details, however, here’s a couple Pro Tips to consider for making every NEUMA Back Bar Treatment a success!

  • Some clients require a little extra T.L.C. whether they have a tight, flaky or itchy scalp or excess build-up weighing hair down. We recommend adding reNeu scalp therapy® to reNeu shampoo® as part of your PRE-TREAT step for cases such as these.
  • When applying hair masques, remember the saturation time is up to 5 minutes. While heat is not needed, wrapping your client’s head with a warm towel can provide a wonderful, spa-like experience.
  • Tell your clients what products you are using and why. Educating them on the benefits of each formula will help drive brand awareness and opens the door for recommending the products for at-home use.

With these tips in mind, download our Step-by-Step Treatment Guide HERE→