Say ‘I Do’ with these Bridal Trends

Say ‘I Do’ with these Bridal Trends

NEUMA is here to have and to hold. Bridal season is upon us, and 2022 brings some trends that you’ll want to be up to speed on! We asked NEUMA educator and bridal stylist extraordinaire Jenna Bell what she sees as being the top bridal trends for the year. 

Sustainable & Environmentally-Friendly

As we emerge from the pandemic, we are happily looking past virtual events and heading back to in-person (thank goodness)! With brides eager to put their best foot forward, they are doing so cautiously and with a wellness mentality. NEUMA has been making bridal hair more environmentally friendly & sustainable since 2011, but we are so excited to see other areas of the Bridal Industry joining in on the fun. With more eco-friendly options on the market, sustainable & environmentally friendly weddings are easier to plan than ever. Some clever ways brides are incorporating sustainability into their weddings are, using biodegradable leaf cuttings instead of confetti, plant-able invites, responsibly sourced engagement rings, plants as wedding favors and sustainable decorations. Knowing that NEUMA uses 100% post-consumer recycled materials, green science-derived ingredient technology, formulates without environmental pollutants, all while delivering high performance formulas, eco-conscious brides can be confident in adding NEUMA to their wedding hair line-up.

Braids, Braids and More Braids!

As for style trends, braids remain a favorite way to dress up bridal style and add creativity and uniqueness to a look. While braids are not new, braided styles have evolved to be so customizable. Braids provide endless options for creating a beautiful style, whether it be romantic, bohemian, elegant or relaxed.

For my bridal looks, my go-to products are neuVolume blow out mist, neuMoisture argan oil, neuStyling pomade, neuControl medium and neuControl hairspray.

• First, to prep the hair, I use neuVolume blow out mist. It contains Maltol which gives the hair fullness and support, as well as Avocado Oil which adds moisture, strength & shine, making it the perfect product to give foundation for any bridal style.

• Second, while working through the style, I love neuMoisture argan oil, neuStyling pomade and neuControl medium. neuMoisture argan oil is a  great tool to use while styling hair. Its ingredients include pure Argan Oil,  Green Tea and Rose Hip Oil, making it ultra-lightweight and perfect for smoothing the cuticle and frizz while controlling flyaways.

TIP: I always make sure I have neuMoisture argan oil on my hands while styling so that my hands glide through the hair so as not to create unwanted frizz.

• As I continue working through bridal styles, neuControl medium makes for the perfect working spray to manipulate a style. Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5) & Horsetail Extract are just a couple ingredients that make this spray so great in providing manageability, healthy shine, and flexible, touchable hold. Lastly, while styling, I used neuStyling pomade for moldable control and firm hold, which is great to ensure pieces I place will have a great finish and not fall out throughout the day. Vegetable Glycerin controls frizz and adds moisture, and Apricot Kern Oil helps smooth the cuticle and add shine.

• Finally, to finish Bridal styles, I use neuControl hairspray. neuControl hairspray is a non-aerosol firm hold spray that will provide strong style support and control. Its fine mist won’t weigh down your finished style and adds beautiful shine. 

Bridal Updo How To 

Step 1: Make a small ponytail at the crown then flip it down through. Then create another ponytail below that and flip it through as well.

Step 2: Section hair in front of the ears out of the way.

Step 3: Split hair in the back in 2 sections. Braid both sections then roll the braids up and secure with bobby pins and pull apart to create 1 seamless bun.

Step 4: leave out desired hair around the face, then twist the rest of the hair back and secure it above bun. Place and secure the ends of the twists into the bun.

So…if you weren’t already excited for the 2022 bridal season, we certainly hope you are now. NEUMA can’t wait to be a part of some beautifully sustainable and environmentally-friendly weddings this season.