Summer Care – As Seen in

Summer Care – As Seen in


Summer is in full swing meaning its time to refresh your beauty routine! Soon you’ll be planning daytime beach romps that turn into nighttime activities. recently featured “the best beauty products to take you to every summer event, from beach trips to BBQs!  Whether you're sitting pretty on the sand or snapping selfies in the backyard, having fun is the top priority - but you'll want to look good while doing it, too.

Here’s what recommends for keeping hair hydrated and protected as the days get longer…

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Gina Scipioni, Hairstylist and Director of Education for NEUMA, two of the most common hair concerns in the summer are dryness and damage. "The summer sun seems to get stronger every year," she adds, "and sun exposure, along with swimming in the ocean or pool, can leave hair parched and fragile."

For those who plan to spend the majority of their days outdoors, it's crucial that you think of your hair the way you do your skin-and give it UV protection.

"We apply sunblock to our skin and should look for hair care products with UV protection to protect hair against damage and fading, too" she says. "I recommend leave-in products like NEUMA's neuStyling smoothing crème to add that layer of UV protection. Remember, sunblock is for our skin (not our hair), so spraying sunblock on our hair directly can create a hard-to-remove coating."

Another great addition to your summer beach bag is a reparative, moisture-rich refresh, like NEUMA's neuMoisture instant fix, since it protects hair from the elements and heat of summer while keeping it hydrated. Sciponi says it also helps reduce certain types of summer breakage and "since it can be sprayed on the hair wet or dry, it's easy to reapply as needed."

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