Top 10 Reasons to Love neuMoisture argan oil

Top 10 Reasons to Love neuMoisture argan oil

There are so many reasons to love neuMoisture argan oil. Here 10 you maybe haven’t thought of? NEUMA Director of Education Gina Scipioni shares why she can’t get enough of this multi-tasking miracle worker.

  • The reparative quality of neuMoisture argan oil is like no other with supporting ingredients of Green Tea as an antioxidant and Yerba Mate delivering nutrients right to the hair.

  • neuMoisture argan oil is the clear choice for adding shine to hair because its literally clear! Any shade no matter how light or dark can see the benefits since this clean and clear formula won’t dull your color.

  • neuMoisture argan oil is a great addition to our NEUMA masques. Any time an extra boost of strength is desired, mix it in with neuMoisture intensive masque to really fortify the hair with health.

  • Consider keeping neuMoisture argan oil right in your shower if you have curly or coily hair. Once shampooed and conditioned, you can start your styling off straight from the shower by priming your hair with goodness even before you detangle.

  • When it’s time to blow dry, adding one pump of neuMoisture argan oil to your favorite NEUMA product blend will help lay down the hair’s cuticle to boost shine and help seal freshly colored hair! 

  • neuMoisture argan oil can be used as a decadent treat for your scalp so spoil yourself roots to tips!

  • For those who loved our neuRepair argan oil, our new and improved 3.4 Oz. size delivers 35% more product!

  • Why let your hair have all the fun – neuMoisture argan oil can also be used on skin!

  • neuMoisture argan oil offers great heat protection so it makes a great barrier when using hot tools like a straightener, wand or curling iron!

  • Whether you’re creating the perfect pony or a glamourous upstyle, neuMoisture argan oil helps control flyaways. It absorbs so quickly that you won’t have to worry about it being too heavy on your finished look. It’s fantastic for helping keep those flyaways down and adding shine. Pair with neuControl medium for lasting results.


    Thanks to the UV protection in neuMoisture argan oil, it helps keep hair healthy even on hot summer days at the beach. Paired with its petite size, you won’t have to leave home without it. Drop it in your gym or beach bag for a boost of shine, strength and sustainably healthy hair whenever you want it!