There are few better feelings in this world than hand-picking a gift so perfect, you can feel your loved one’s joy as they unwrap it. Are you determined to achieve that ‘perfect present’ feeling for everyone on your list this year?

With our unique focus on cutting-edge clean beauty products, we don’t just have something your recipient will love. We also have products you can actually feel good about purchasing – a total win-win for planet-conscious shoppers!

For this edition of our Neuma holiday gift guide, we’re zeroing in on gift ideas for teens, hostesses, and teachers. Keep reading to find the perfect present for those in need of some extra special hair care this holiday season:

Gift Ideas for Teens - Haircare Edition

Think back to when you were a teenager just starting to experiment with hair. What was the #1 mistake you made back in the day? We have a feeling we know the answer: heat damage.

Once teenagers get their hands on their first straightener or curling iron, it’s difficult to get them to slow down and think about hair health. So if you have a teenager on your list this year, do them a favor and get them our Neu Repair Holiday Kit.

The Neu Repair Shampoo and Neu Repair Conditioner feature an ultra-reparative formula for fortifying strands, reducing breaking, and detangling tense locks. They’re safe for everyday use and deliver a perfectly gentle cleansing experience for a softer, shinier texture. Plus, the Lemon, Lavender, and Fir Needle aroma is sure to please your teen!

For bonus present points, they can use the Neu Repair Leave-In Treatment. This lightweight moisturizer shields against damage all day long with a smooth protective barrier. It also helps minimize heat styling damage, so it’s perfect for tool-obsessed teens!

Even if your teenager doesn’t know it yet, you’ll also be giving them the gift of lifelong healthy hair habits.

Hair Care Gifts Hostesses Will Love

People who love playing hostess for holiday parties and get-togethers face a unique challenge: coordinating the chaos of a kitchen, welcoming guests with grace, making sure everyone has a drink in their hand, and looking good while doing it!

Ready to make their lives easier this holiday season? Our line of Neu Styling products has what you need to thank your host for everything they do.

First, we always recommend our best-selling Neu Styling Air-Dry Shaper for anyone who needs a decent amount of hold while still maintaining a natural flow. Hostesses will especially love the frizz-fighting finish, which is perfect for warding off unwanted moisture from a toasty kitchen.

Next, hostesses who prefer slicking back their hair for the clean girl aesthetic will fall in love with the Neu Styling Clay and Neu Styling Fiber. Both provide a pliable hold while thickening the overall look of the hair. They also tame flyaways all night long!

Finally, you can’t go wrong with the Neu Styling Flexible Hairspray. Hostesses who style their hair for every event will find it especially useful for taming static, fighting off humidity, and locking in a medium hold.

Holiday Hair Products for Teachers

If anyone deserves an extra luxurious hair care gift, it’s the teachers of the world. So don’t hold back from indulging them in some well-earned hair TLC!

For teachers in need of a spa-like hair treatment, we recommend starting with the Neu Moisture Masque. On one hand, it delivers professional-grade hydration in just a few minutes. On the other hand, it addresses a hair issue a lot of teachers struggle with: dryness.

Remember the stiff, chilly air that flowed through your schools growing up? Teachers have to work in those kinds of environments all day long, which means a moisture-focused gift will be a hit.

Other hydrating options to explore are the Neu Moisture Argan Oil or the Neu Moisture Instant Fix. Both sprays provide lasting hydration all day long to keep your teacher’s hair smooth, silky, and soft — no matter what the school day has in store!

And, like hosting, teaching requires commanding a room and looking fierce while doing so. If you know that the teacher in your life loves experimenting with new hairstyles, any of the above hostess gifts are perfect for educators, too.

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Happy shopping, everyone!