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Welcome to the world of Neuma. A California company in the center of innovation, we are crafting the products of a better tomorrow, for the people who demand them today. Our mission is to leave the world better than we found it—not because it’s easy, but because it’s the right thing to do.

We are the clean beauty of tomorrow. One which has nothing to hide and believes in a minimalist approach where we enhance the uniqueness of every individual while minimizing our impact on the planet. We strip away the excess and fluff to unearth beauty in its purest form for the good of the planet, your hair and us all.



Long before 'clean beauty' became a buzz word, neuma was pioneering a clean beauty experience for stylists and their clients. From its inception in 2010, every aspect of our products from its ideatioon to its execution, is strategic, thoughtfully packaged and mindful of the greater good while performing to the highest standards.

Our world changed, and so have we. We are reaching further with a less is more philosophy that embraces calm commerce and intention. We are not afraid to dare and are comitted to continuing to evolve to continually deliver a brand you are proud to stand behind and be a part of.

Our best,

Rick Kornbluth

Rick Kornbluth


Jeffery Orrell

Jeffery Orrell


Rick Hough

Rick Hough

Cosway Co. President/CEO



At Neuma, we pay attention. We know that every detail matters when it comes to product development. We believe in total transparency and are committed to sustainability. We always prioritize people and the Earth for our packaging, manufacturing and ingredient choices. That’s why our approach to sustainability is focused on the materials we work with, reduction of waste, offsetting our carbon footprint, social responsibility and community leadership. While not always the easy route (and definitely not the least expensive), it is what we call the ‘cost of clean’ and one we proudly stand behind for the benefit of future generations. At Neuma, we deliver a fresh perspective on high-performance hair care.

If Not Now Then When?
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We live in a world full of wonder – a world we are committed to conserving. Through our less is more approach, Neuma is haircare that cares, fueled by goodness and inspired by nature. We are visionaries, innovators and creators that believe in beauty for a better tomorrow.



Ever present on our packaging and materials, the arch represents a window to the future. It signifies the opening of new perspectives and opportunities. Passing through an arch is the symbolic act of rebirth, leaving behind the old to enter the new world of possibilities. The time is now to embrace the future of clean beauty.