Ah, the joys and trials of being blessed with wavy or curly hair! Those bouncy curls and flowing waves can turn heads and make a statement. Yet, behind the scenes, those with natural curls and waves often wage a daily battle against frizz, tangles and unruly locks. No worries, Neuma has the curly and wavy hair products you need to tame and enhance those curls and waves that often take on a personality of their own.  


The Challenges: Frizz, Tangles & Frustration


First, let's talk about frizz. It's one of the most notorious foes of those with curly or wavy hair. Humidity can transform silky waves and defined curls into a halo of frizz. Managing frizz can feel like a full-time job, particularly during the warmer months or in humid climates. It's like a pesky, uninvited guest at your fabulous hair party.

Second, there are tangles and knots. When your hair decides to party a bit too hard, the strands often wrap around each other, forming knots that can be a nightmare to detangle. Wavy and curly hair, with all its twists and turns, provides a perfect environment for tangles to thrive. Brushing or combing to remove these knots can often lead to breakage and even more frizz, leading to a vicious cycle.

Then there's the styling challenge. While straight hair might obediently stay put where it's styled, it seems wavy or curly hair has a mind of its own. A curling iron or a bit of product might keep other hair types in check, but curls and waves often defy these measures, choosing their own path, no matter how much you coax them.

Lastly, there's the ever-present inconsistency. One day, your curls might form perfect ringlets, and the next, they could be flat or frizzy, or even a mixture of both (sigh). The unpredictability can be frustrating, and consistency is always our end game.

Despite these challenges, those with curly and wavy hair also know it's a unique gift. The volume, texture and personality that come with natural texture are worth the extra effort, and with the right products and techniques, these challenges can be solved. Each head of curly or wavy hair is a work of art, and like all art, it takes a little patience and understanding to truly make it shine.


The Solution: Neuma 


At Neuma, we believe there is a solution to every hair challenge, and we’ve made it our goal to provide our clients with gentle, yet effective products that tame the frizz, enhance the curls and nourish your luscious locks. 


The Curl Perfecting Game


Our Neu Curl Perfecting Crème is a must-have curl styler that makes it easy to enjoy luxurious touchable waves, curls and coils. This lightweight crème nourishes hair while adding shape, memory and soft support for a frizz-free finish. 

Our Perfecting Crème is infused with Chia Seed to infuse moisture and provide structure and support for curls and waves. We also add Coconut Oil which adds incredible nourishment while helping reduce frizz. In addition, it helps prevents heat damage so if you plan to diffuse those locks, this is your best friend.

We also add our two signature collection ingredients, Flaxseed and Grapeseed Oil. Flaxseed is known for binding moisture to the hair, which minimizes breakages and split ends. Grapeseed Oil also helps seal in moisture while protecting your hair from environmental damage and UV rays. Yes, please.

To use, simply apply a small amount of Perfecting Crème to clean, damp hair. Once you’ve worked the product into your hair, you can heat style with a diffuser or air-dry your hair, creating shape.


The Styling Clay


We recommend our Neuma Styling Clay for anyone with a short, curly or wavy hairstyle that longs for touchable texture and a medium-to-firm hold. Styling Clay provides workable definition and smooths and controls flyaways and frizz but without that greasy feel you have with some styling products. It is perfect for shaping and defining curls while delivering control – something we all crave!

This curly and wavy hair product is enriched with antioxidant-rich Green Tea, Carnauba Wax and Apricot Kern Oil. Green Tea protects hair from environmental damaged and high antioxidant content helps protect color from fading. Apricot Kern Oil softens and moisturizes the hair, protecting against frizz, and nourishing the hair follicle and scalp. Carnauba Wax, which is a natural vegetable wax, acts as an emollient, softening each strand and delivering the hold and control you need for beautifully defined curls and waves. 


Air-Dry Goodness


For our wavy and curly hair girls who love to air-dry, this one’s for you. Neu Styling Air-Dry Shaper was designed for those with a little-to-a lot of natural texture to enhance curl pattern while adding body, soft control and reduced frizz. It lightly conditions hair while helping set your shape. It’s like a secret weapon for instant cool-girl style without the added effort.


Curly Hair Shampoo & Conditioner


So what about cleansing? Many curly-haired girls traditionally skip wash days. No matter your wash frequency it is important to shampoo and condition those locks with a gentle formula that won’t disturb hairs cuticle. What type of curly hair shampoo and conditioner is best for you? At Neuma, we don’t believe there’s a one-size-fits-all solution to hair care. Instead, we match you to products that target the issues most important to you. All Neuma Shampoos are 100% sulfate-free and salt-free and are formulated to be exceptionally gentile on your locks while cleansing and infusing active ingredients within. For fine-to-medium curly hair, Neu Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner could be your perfect match, or if you have medium-to-coarse textured hair you’ll likely love Neu Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. Take our Style Quiz to find out, which of our Collections is best for you! In addition to hair type and texture, we also look at the types of hair services you typically receive, such as highlights, all over permanent color, perms (or relaxers), specialized scalp treatment or perhaps you are the type who prefers a super low maintenance routine and just enjoys your natural locks as they are. We’ll talk hair goals and your main concerns, and we will come up with a specialized combination to put your curl routine in motion.