Planet. People. Performance.

Anyone who’s shopped at Neuma knows that these three pillars – our ethos – drive everything we do. From formulas to bottles to our conservation commitments, we leverage our brand to promote a better tomorrow each and every day.

Neuma. Planet. People. Performance.

In other words, every day is Earth Day at Neuma! But that doesn’t mean we won’t take the opportunity to reflect on why we value what we do and how we’ve achieved our goals so far.

Are you ready to celebrate the planet, Neuma style?

Here’s a refresher on our clean beauty ethos, the latest on our partnership with Trees for the Future and a look at our philosophy on individual hair health.

Earth Day at Neuma: the Impact of Clean Beauty

Planet: The WHY behind our ethos

Since our formation in 2010, every piece of Neuma development has centered around clean beauty. In case you’re new to the scene, that’s LONG before ‘clean beauty’ became a buzzword.

We credit our ahead-of-the-curve thinking to our goal of developing the clean beauty solutions of tomorrow for people who demand them today. This hasn’t always been an easy goal, but that’s not why we do it. Our motive is simple: it’s the right thing to do!

So, what does our Planet pillar actually mean in practice?

In short, we strip away all the excess and fluff in hair care to deliver the purest solutions possible. Our formulas:

  • Never contain synthetic fragrances or toxic chemicals
  • Always include complete ingredient transparency
  • Come in eco-friendly production and packaging, including 100% recyclable bottles made from 100% post-consumer resin

Neuma. Planet. People. Performance.

We take that first point especially seriously. We never, ever use the over 15 questionable ingredients on our Come Clean List, which include carcinogens, hormone disruptors, skin sensitizers and environmental pollutants.

Unlike other ‘clean beauty’ brands, we don’t even use these for aromas. Many products claim to be ‘clean’ by avoiding toxic ingredients in the main formula, but may still use them for scents. Avoiding this ‘fragrance loophole’ has always been standard at Neuma.

By being so picky about the origin of our ingredients, we’re helping to minimize how many of them end up polluting the planet.

This pillar isn’t complicated. We love the planet and love showing it, today and every day!

People: Conservation with Trees for the Future

When you reach for your shampoo and conditioner, the last thing on your mind is likely other people. However, as members of a consumption-obsessed society, every purchase and product we use does impact our fellow humans. There’s a cost for everything, even if we don’t feel or see it!

Neuma. Planet. People. Performance.

That’s why partnering with Trees for the Future and 1% for the Planet are some of our proudest Neuma projects.

Recently, we received data on our collaboration with Trees for the Future, a nonprofit that helps us plant one tree for every Neuma product sold, and we’ve been itching to share the results with you!

Since we joined forces in 2022, our collaboration has sequestered a total of 5,189 metric tonnes of CO2.

In 2023, Neuma funded the planting of 139,511 trees, and our current partnership total has since increased to 181,204 trees planted this year!

Even better, each tree is planted by individual farmers in local communities in Sub-Saharan African countries including Mali, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. So far, Neuma has:

  • Supported 893 beneficiaries
  • Trained 112 farmers
  • Planted 112 forest gardens

Neuma. Planet. People. Performance.

In addition to boosting the planet’s overall health, this empowers actual people to benefit from improved access to food, income and socioeconomic growth.

The only thing better than helping the planet is doing our part to build a better future for the people on it!

Neuma. Planet. People. Performance.

Performance: Hair health, simplified

Although we always keep an eye on the bigger picture of our business practices, we never neglect our products’ performance.

If you haven’t gotten the rundown yet, allow us to make one thing clear: clean beauty is the best way to achieve healthy, vibrant, and beautiful hair.

Those toxic, synthetic ingredients we mentioned? They don’t just hurt the planet. They also hurt your hair by over drying your strands and stripping your scalp of its natural self-regulating oils.

By avoiding them entirely, you can reap powerful benefits like:

  • Stronger natural hair texture
  • Lasting scalp health
  • Balanced scalp oils
  • Reduced dandruff
  • Natural hair growth
  • Hydration
  • Volume
  • Cleaner hair for longer
  • More vibrant hair color

Think clean hair care has its limits? Think again.

From the clarifying Re Neu collection to the hydrating Neu Moisture products to the life-saving Neu Repair line, you can customize your clean routine to your exact needs.

If you don’t know what you’re missing, we always recommend starting with our Hair Quiz. In just a minute or two, you’ll be matched with the clean beauty products you need to transform your hair for good.

With focused, goal-oriented formulas free from fillers and fluff, clean beauty can be the key that unlocks your dream hair! What does your shampoo do for the planet?

Happy Earth Day, everyone! We’ll be sharing more details on our Trees for the Future impact report over on our socials, so follow along on Instagram (@neumabeauty) and TikTok (@neumabeauty).

As always, don’t forget to tag us to show off how you’re leveraging the power of clean beauty.

See you there!