Mothers deserve the best every day of the year, but Mother’s Day is an excellent opportunity to show them, and Mother Earth, some extra gratitude. Luckily for everyone here at Neuma – customers included – our love language is all about giving back: clean beauty.

After all, clean beauty isn’t just for giving your hair and skin the best possible treatment with gentle ingredients and formulas. With a focus on minimizing our impact on the planet, clean beauty also gives back to Mother Earth herself!

In honor of this special day of the year, we’re celebrating with a Mother’s Day sale of 20% OFF all treatments and stylers, now through Monday, May 13th.

Here’s a refresher on how clean beauty enhances health, why Mother Earth appreciates it, and a rundown of our Mother’s Day sale.

Celebrating Mother’s Day, Neuma Style

Clean Beauty: The Mother’s Day Gift that Keeps on Giving

For a Mother’s Day gift that’s nourishing, healthy and natural, it’s hard to beat clean hair care. Because, let’s face it – moms are always deserving of gifts that make their lives simpler, easier, and better!

But what exactly is “clean beauty?” In our case, we only develop vegan, clean formulas that:

  • Contain zero synthetic fragrances or toxic chemicals
  • Never, ever use the over 15 questionable ingredients on our Come Clean List (not even in aromas)
  • Avoid artificial dyes, colorants, soy, gluten and any animal cruelty practices

TLDR, our complete formula transparency means that you won’t find any of the fillers or disruptors in many of the drugstore formulas in our products. And it only takes a few uses to see the clean beauty difference on your hair and skin alike!

When people make the clean beauty switch, they notice radical benefits like:

  • A healthier, hydrated scalp with reduced dandruff
  • Stronger natural hair texture
  • Natural hair growth
  • Vibrant hair color
  • Cleaner hair for longer

These clean beauty perks are especially powerful for women experiencing common signs of aging. Dryness, coarseness, brittleness, thinning, dullness and hair loss can all be reduced with the magic of toxin-free, clean beauty formulas.

Go ahead and take all the credit for getting Mom her favorite Mother’s Day gift yet – you can thank us later!

Mother Earth: Our North Star Today and Everyday

If Mother’s Day slipped your radar this year, don’t worry. By shopping at Neuma, you’re celebrating Mother Earth with each and every purchase!

First and foremost, avoiding questionable, toxic ingredients isn’t just a boon for your hair health. It also helps eliminate the release of harmful chemicals into the environment, both during formulation and while rinsing products down the drain. By avoiding the toxins on our Come Clean list altogether, you’re doing your part to reduce their creation in the first place.

Next, we’re very picky about how we create and ship our products. With each purchase, we fund wind-powered offsets, utilize only 100% recyclable bottles made from 100% post-consumer resin, and always promote paperless materials.

And finally, our partnerships with Trees for the Future and 1% for the Planet drive tangible, human-centered changes in underserved communities, which often feel the harshest impacts of climate change.

In 2023 alone, our collaboration with Trees for the Future funded the planting of 139,511 trees, bringing our total amount of sequestered CO2 to 5,189 metric tonnes!

On a personal level, these efforts have supported 893 beneficiaries, trained 112 farmers and planted 112 forest gardens across sub-Saharan African countries, including Mali, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Who knew a simple clean beauty switch could power so much good for the planet and those who inhabit it?!

Clean Beauty Hair Treatments and Stylers

Everyone deserves to give their hair some TLC, but if there’s one group of people who especially deserve some pampering, it’s moms. Whether you’re shopping for family, friends, or are a mama shopping to treat herself, here are some of the standouts in our 20% off Mother’s Day Sale.

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!

As people age, their hair gets more and more susceptible to dryness and brittle, coarse textures. It’s a natural part of life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fight back with a boost of hydration (or two)!

For busy moms, one of the fastest ways to quench dry strands is the Neu Moisture Instant Fix. Simply mist it on wet or dry hair and enjoy its nourishing, detangling and protection powers! It’s super lightweight, so all hair types benefit from daily use. If your mom loves the rejuvenating powers of argan oil, the Neu Moisture Argan Oil offers similar benefits.

For a gift that doubles as a spa-like treatment, the Neu Moisture Masque will do the trick. Have your mom apply it for two minutes between shampooing and conditioning, and she’ll fall in love with its ultra-rich softening effects.

A Reset in a Bottle

Perhaps the mother on your gift list has had a tough time lately. If the wear and tear is reaching her strands (or she needs a post-bleach refresh), the Neu Repair line can set things on the right track.

For a quick fix after the shower, the Neu Repair Leave-In Treatment is the perfect solution. Tell your mom to put it through damp hair, style as normal, and bask in her newfound gloss, strength, and shine!

The Neu Repair Treatment Masque delivers the same healing hair benefits as the Neu Repair Leave-In Treatment, but with a bit more power. After just two minutes between shampooing and conditioning, your mom will notice a smoother texture and lasting luster.

For Sleek Styles, With or Without Heat

Does your mom love to style her hair? All Neuma stylers are 20% off, too!

For moms who love to go all-natural and skip the heat tools, the Neu Styling Air-Dry Shaper will be a hit. This sleek and simple formula adds shape and hold to damp hair with zero crunchy or sticky residue. It’s especially useful for waves and curls!

Or, for moms who know their way around a blow dryer, you can’t go wrong with the Neu Volume Styling Spray. On top of heat protection, this handy product boosts bounce, locks in moisture, and, of course, turns up the volume.

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! We’re always sharing more recommendations on our socials, so follow along on Instagram (@neumabeauty) and TikTok (@neumabeauty) for the latest on our clean beauty mission.

See you there!