Few feelings rival the pure joy of slow summer days on the water. Whether at the pool, beach, lake or river, unwinding with a swim and baking in the sun simply makes life better!

The only drawback of summertime swimming? The potential risk to your hair health. Salt, chlorine and sun exposure dry out even the most hydrated of strands by quickly stripping their natural oils – especially if you have thin, fine, dry, bleached or color-treated hair.

But we’re not here to put a damper on your favorite sunny pastime. We’re here to help you revitalize your hair for vibrant looks and locks all summer long!

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Here’s what makes this collection so helpful this time of year with a step-by-step guide to protecting your hair on and off the water.

10 ways to revitalize your hair after swimming

Remember your pre-swim rinse

Okay, you caught us – protecting your hair from salt and chlorine actually starts before you jump (or cannonball) into the water.

You know those signs at the pool telling everyone to rinse in the shower before swimming? The rule isn’t just for sanitary reasons. Wetting your hair with clean water first prevents your strands from absorbing contaminants in the swimming water.

This is because your hair acts like a sponge when wet; water absorbs– and whatever’s in it – into the shafts quite quickly!

Even if you don’t have a shower nearby, a sink or water bottle will do the trick.

Apply a thin layer of oil

If your hair is particularly dry or damaged, we recommend trying another pre-swim step: running a thin layer of natural oil through your hair. Like a pre-swim shower, this step acts as a shield, preventing your hair from absorbing dehydrating contaminants.

Luckily, you don’t have to get a fancy product for this – coconut oil and olive oil from your kitchen are both great options!

If you’d rather not lather your locks in cooking oil, the Neu Moisture Argan Oil will achieve the same results with Lavender, Mandarin and Vanilla aromas.

Just be careful about using non-clean beauty products in lakes, rivers, oceans or anywhere else with natural wildlife. Although we’re committed to avoiding the risky ingredients on our Come Clean List, other brands may use chemicals that damage the environment!

Try a protective hairstyle

The longer your hair, the more you might notice side effects from swimming. So, our last pre-swim step is our long-haired readers: style your hair into a braid, bun, or at the very least, a ponytail. This small but mighty step simply reduces the surface area of your strands exposed to the water.

Pro-tip: if you opt for a braid, style it before your pre-swim rinse while your hair is still dry. Wet hair breaks more easily than dry hair, so it’s best to avoid the risk of rough braiding.

Wash your hair ASAP

Welcome back from the water! The first post-swim hair protection step is the same as the first pre-swim step: rinse your hair with clean water ASAP.

If you’re able to, make it a full hair wash with a clarifier like the Re Neu Clarifying Shampoo. This gentle, purifying formula removes build-up and impurities, including salt and chlorine. It also boosts the body of your hair and nourishes the scalp, which can suffer from overexposure to drying contaminants.

Again, if you can't do a full hair wash, at least squeeze in a quick rinse, and shampoo as soon as you get home!

Be generous with conditioner

Although clarifying shampoo is the most important post-swim hair treatment, conditioner is a very close second. Considering just how quickly swimming water can dry out your strands, whatever you do, don’t forget to follow up your hair wash with a hydrating conditioner!

The Re Neu Clarifying Conditioner is designed for this exact type of revitalization. Though lightweight, it detangles, nourishes, smoothes and soothes with a shiny, Peppermint and Vanilla-smelling finish.

Pro-tip: if you swim more than twice in one day and don’t want to shampoo again (it may dry your hair further), go straight to (and don’t skip) the conditioning step!

Condition again with a leave-in

Like we said, conditioning is really, really important for summertime swims. So, now is not the time to forgo your favorite leave-in conditioner!

For seriously struggling strands, the Neu Repair Leave-In Treatment strengthens hair by sealing cuticles to prevent moisture loss and build a barrier against environmental and heat styling damage.

Another great option for hydration is the Neu Moisture Instant Fix, a lightweight mist that detangles, adds slip and improves manageability.

Condition AGAIN with a hair mask

You know what won’t hurt this time of year? A mair mask once or twice a week! For readers with bleached, damaged or colored strands, hair masks are especially important in the battle against salt and chlorine.

For dire damage – or locks simply in need of a hair reset – the Neu Repair Treatment Masque will rise to the occasion. It’s a weekly intensive treatment designed to restore hair health for softer, shinier, more vibrant strands.

Unruly hair lacking shine and smooth textures will also love our award-winning Neu Moisture Masque. It conditions on a deep level to leave hair feeling softer and glossier for easier styling!

Focus on scalp health

As the summer goes on, keep an eye on your scalp. Are you noticing extra itchiness? Dryness? Dandruff? These are all signs that you should consider switching to a clarifying shampoo on a regular basis.

Additionally, include scalp protection in your pre-swim routine. Make sure a bit of that natural oil you put on reaches the scalp, and don’t be afraid to spritz some sunscreen along your part.

Take a break from heat tools

Your hair will also thank you for skipping heat styling as much as possible during the swimming season. We know that sounds like a sacrifice, but heat tools can worsen dryness and breakage.

There is, however, a silver lining: now you can experiment with the art of air drying!

That’s why the Neu Styling Air Dry Shaper is part of our Re Neu Bundle. Lathering this handy product along wet strands enhances natural texture, boosting body, control and shine for effortlessly styled hair. Natural beach waves, here you come!

Choose healthy hair products year-round

Our final recommendation shouldn’t come as a surprise. Embracing the hair health benefits of clean beauty products gives your hair the year-round strength it needs to power through summer activities with ease!

From shampoo to conditioner to treatments to stylers, every Neuma product contains zero synthetic fragrances or toxic chemicals. The result of long-term clean beauty? Beautiful, durable and nourished hair, no matter what you get up to.

Who’s ready for next-level swim sessions this summer?! We can’t wait to see how you put our tips to work for vibrant beachside and poolside looks all season long. As always, show off your latest Neuma journey results on Instagram (@neumabeauty) and TikTok (@neumabeauty).

See you there, and remember to use the code TEAMFAVES at checkout for 30% off some of these poolside favorites!