If we had to assign each season its own signature hair treatment, a Brazilian Blowout would belong to summer. With its silky-smooth texture and effortless vibe, Brazilian Blowouts and summertime go hand-in-hand.

The only downside of this sultry style? Without proper maintenance, the results can fade quickly, leaving your hair stick-straight and lacking body. And as anyone tracking hair trends knows, volume is in this season.

But don’t let the extra effort get in the way of your dream look – with the Neu Volume Collection on your side, revitalizing your volume post-blowout is easy!

Keep reading for a rundown on the Brazilian Blowout with maintenance tips for bouncy, full, and Insta-worthy volume.

Adding Volume to Your Brazilian Blowout with Neuma

What is a Brazilian Blowout?

A Brazilian Blowout is a professional salon treatment that semi-permanently smooths hair for a silkier, shinier, frizz-free texture. Though they’re commonly used as a straightening treatment, Brazilian Blowouts can also be customized to maintain curls and waves.

Compared to other salon treatments like Keratin, Brazilian Blowouts are also pretty fast and convenient. They take about 90 minutes and don’t require any intense downtime!

And with the proper routine, you can extend the life of your Brazilian Blowout to about four months – AKA, all summer long (and then some!).

Volume talk: washing your hair after a Brazilian Blowout

Like any other hairstyle, how you shampoo and condition your hair has a major impact.

The good news is that washing your hair doesn’t necessarily harm your Brazilian Blowout. Because the treatment involves a liquid sealing solution that chemically coats each strand of hair, Brazilian Blowouts are pretty durable against shampoo.

But if lasting volume is your goal, as always, it’s best to be picky with the ingredients. That’s why our Neu Volume Shampoo is formulated with a sulfate-free surfactant derived from Coconut for the gentlest cleansing possible – essentially, we’ve made sure it won’t scrub away your fresh blowout!

The lightweight formula also prevents your hair from getting weighed down – a common side effect of Brazilian Blowouts.

Oh, and don’t forget to double shampoo. The less build-up on your scalp, the bouncier your post-blowout hair will be!

Although all of our shampoos are typically safe for everyday use, with a blowout, it’s generally better to avoid washing your hair more than three times a week. Our Re Neu Dry Shampoo will get you over the finish line to wash day!

For an equally volumizing follow-up, the Neu Volume Conditioner is always a hit. It’s focused on bounce, shine, and long-lasting fullness.

Volume talk: styling your hair after a Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowouts use the power of hair science to create a chemically impenetrable surface that locks in moisture and wards off humidity. Though not quite as robust, our Neu Volume Styling Spray is formulated for the same goals!

Every time you shampoo, spray this multi-tasking styler on damp hair after the shower and before styling or drying. It helps seal the cuticle for heat protection and leverages humectants to prevent moisture loss. Of course, it also boosts volume, delivering an extra dose of fullness and bounce all day long.

If you still have waves and curls in your Brazilian Blowout, mousse will also be your friend. For an alcohol-free, non-drying formula, try our Neu Styling Mousse! It’s a fan-favorite for its remarkable root lift and volume-enhancing abilities.

More tips for lasting Brazilian Blowout volume

Cleaning and styling your hair is only half the battle of maintaining bouncy Brazilian Blowouts. Let’s run through some additional tips for day-to-day volume!

First, be diligent about avoiding exposure to moisture out of the shower. For example, cover your hair while washing your face and doing the dishes, ideally with a moisture-resistant material like a hair wrap. This extends the life of the chemical shield along your strands!

And yes, this also means trying to keep your hair as dry as possible on pool or beach days when you’re not swimming. Instead of just clipping or tying your hair back while taking a dip, add a hat and some pins.

Second, experiment with rollers. Sleeping with them in can help you achieve beautifully bouncy waves with very little morning styling!

Third, you won’t need as many oils and serums as usual with a Brazilian Blowout. Your hair will already have plenty of smoothening formulas locked in, so adding more may weigh everything down.

If you need a serum for fusing broken ends or taming flyaways, try to use a lightweight formula like the Neu Moisture Argan Oil. It’s nongreasy, ultra-lightweight, and leaves behind a lovely lavender, mandarin, and vanilla aroma.

Finally, try your best to avoid touching your strands! Your skin, even when freshly washed, carries oils and dirt that can limp your bouncy blowout.

We have an amazing feeling about this summer’s Brazilian Blowout trend. Are you ready for the ultimate blend of bounce, shine, volume, and silkiness?!

If you’re hopping on the style, we want to see your favorite volumizing Neuma products in action! Share the latest from your Neuma journey with us on Instagram (@neumabeauty) and TikTok (@neumabeauty).

See you there!