In 2024, Valentine’s Day is about so much more than red roses and heart-shaped chocolates. Whether it’s romance, friendships, family bonds or self-confidence, Valentine’s Day is for celebrating love in all its beautiful forms!

How do you plan to give yourself (or someone special) some extra love this year? If you’re on the hunt for a creative gift that keeps on giving, we have an idea that takes ‘self-love’ to a whole new level: clean hair care.

Here at Neuma, we believe that clean beauty embodies love, care and compassion – the same values that make Valentine’s Day worth celebrating!

From nourishing your health to helping the planet, here’s why this holiday is the perfect time to join the clean beauty movement.

Getting to the Root of Self-Love

We’ve all heard the term ‘self-love’ thrown around more and more these days. But what does it actually mean?

A true love of the self will look different for everyone, but when it comes to hair care, we believe that self-love means having a high regard for your health and happiness. In case no one’s told you this, you deserve to have beautiful, nourished hair that makes you feel unstoppable!

That brings us to the first reason why clean beauty matters so much: clean hair products are essential for a healthy scalp.

So many of the standard hair products you’ll find at the drugstore contain carcinogens, hormone disruptors and skin sensitizers that build up in the scalp over time. These questionable ingredients cause dryness and itchiness at the skin level, making it so much harder to achieve any of your other hair goals.

That’s why we’re so strict about the Neuma Come Clean List. By avoiding these risky ingredients during formulation, our customers can practice self-love at the root level – literally!

Neu Moisture Products

For a thorough scalp rejuvenation, we especially recommend the Re Neu Clarifying Shampoo. This best-seller refreshes the hair and scalp with a purifying formula that gently removes build-up and impurities. The result is a soft, clean finish with a vibrant look and fresh feel.

Of course, everything else in the Neuma collection – like the Neu Moisture Shampoo and Neu Repair Shampoo – enhances scalp health, too!

By using clean beauty to give yourself (or a loved one) a healthy hair foundation, self-love gets a whole new definition.

Unlocking Your Natural Beauty

Discovering and nurturing the hair you love is a life-long journey. And for many people out there, the products they use actually damage their hair journeys – not help them.

How could products that claim to offer benefits make things worse? Once again, our Come Clean list says it all. Artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, parabens, glutens, sulfate surfactants and many more harmful ingredients have become the norm in the mainstream beauty industry.

As a result, your non-clean hair care products may be why you’re struggling with hair texture, breakage, hydration and thinning!

That brings us to the second reason why clean hair products are an act of love: they help reclaim your hair’s natural beauty.

Take the Neu Repair collection. The Neu Repair Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Treatment work together to restore your strands and revitalize damaged textures for stronger, more resilient hair – all with gentle ingredients you can trust. This is especially helpful if you’re trying to re-discover natural waves or curls!

Over time, clean beauty products (including everything here at Neuma) will help you reclaim the strong, nourished and happy hair you’ve been missing.

For the Love of Mother Nature

As much as we love seeing customers reconnect with their healthy hair roots, that’s not the only benefit of clean beauty products. Want to extend your Valentine’s Day affections even further?

Switching to clean beauty is one of the best ways to show the environment some much-needed love! We honor the planet through clean beauty on three fronts: formulation, packaging and philanthropy.

Neu Products

When it comes to our formulas, avoiding all those toxic ingredients we mentioned earlier benefits the planet just as much as our customers. By evading them during formulation, we’re doing our part to ensure that damaging chemicals don’t leak into the environment.

As for our packaging, each bottle is developed with 100% post-consumer resin (a material made from recycled plastic) and is 100% recyclable after use. We also invest in wind-powered offsets and utilize paperless materials whenever possible.

Finally, we’re proud to partner with Trees for the Future and 1% for the Planet. These innovative organizations enable us to plant one tree for every Neuma product purchased and donate at least 1% of all sales to environmental initiatives.

Throughout all our clean beauty practices, our love of the planet (and the people on it) inspires us to push the boundaries of what we can accomplish for the greater good!

Ready for a fresh approach to gifting this Valentine’s Day? We want to hear how you’re using the power of clean beauty to show yourself (or others) some extra love!

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