Since launching our Neu Repair collection with our strand-boosting Neu Repair Shampoo, Neu Repair Conditioner and Neu Repair Leave-In, it’s safe to say this line has been revitalizing locks everywhere.

Would you believe us if we told you Neu Repair was about to get even better?

We know, we know – it’s hard to imagine anything topping this iconic trio, but we’ve been hard at work formulating something truly special.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the Neu Repair Treatment Masque, a transformative infusion of clean beauty ingredients designed to revive, nourish and protect!

If you’ve been craving softer, shinier and happier locks, the next piece in your Neu Repair journey is finally here. Keep reading for the full rundown of your new favorite treatment.

Transformation in a Bottle: the Neu Repair Treatment Masque

The Ingredients

NEU product, same rulebook. We’re all about innovating with cutting-edge haircare, but we always stick to our ethos: Planet, People. Performance. Our Earth-first formulas are vegan, synthetic-free and cultivated without the toxic ingredients you’ll find in standard hair products. No matter what!

Our lab process for the Neu Repair Treatment Masque was no different. While dreaming up this restorative formula, we focused on the same key ingredients in the rest of the Neu Repair line:

  • Plant Collagen, which boosts moisture, cellular strength and elasticity
  • Sea Kelp, for nourishing and soothing strands
  • Carob Seed Extract, which protects hair fiber and cuticles with amino acids

As for the aroma, get ready to indulge in the tantalizing scents of Lemon, Lavender and Fir Needle!

The Transformation

The Neu Repair Treatment Masque may be a powerhouse formula, but it only takes a few minutes to enjoy transformative results. If your hair has been feeling extra dry or suffering from damage, our Neu-est addition is the treatment for you!

Like our award-winning Neu Moisture Masque, you can apply the Neu Repair Treatment Masque in the shower:

  1. Use your favorite shampoo, ideally the Neu Repair Shampoo!
  2. While hair is still wet, apply the Masque from scalp to ends.
  3. Leave it on for two minutes and rinse thoroughly.

And that’s it! For extra nourishment, you can also follow up your Masque with the Neu Repair Conditioner.

We recommend using the Masque weekly, but you can incorporate it into your routine as often as you’d like! For a faster transformation, you can use it in place of your regular conditioner.

After towel drying, don’t forget to apply the Neu Repair Leave-In Treatment on damp hair.

The Results

We’d normally let the results speak for themselves, but we’re too excited to keep quiet about this one!

The benefits of the Neu Repair Treatment Masque are two-fold.

First, the obvious: repairing damaged hair. The Masque’s repairing properties restore hair health at the strand level, replacing dry, brittle locks with a softer, shinier and more vibrant texture.

If you’re struggling with post-bleach frizz, sun exposure, overbrushing or side effects from health troubles or medications, this two-minute mask is sure to please!

Second, protection. The Masque goes beyond repairing, leaving behind a protective barrier to ward off environmental and heat styling damage. With your newfound luster, gloss and shine, the usual hair health offenders will have a much harder time reaching your strands.

With this two-step system, nothing can stand between you and lasting vibrance!

The Complete Neu Repair Routine

Ready to bask in the beauty of your post-Masque locks?! Before your first treatment, let’s recap the members of the Neu Repair family and the proper order for using them:

  1. The Neu Repair Shampoo: use this every wash day (it’s also safe for daily use!)
  2. The Neu Repair Treatment Masque: use weekly, or as often as you need.
  3. The Neu Repair Conditioner: use every time you shampoo, or after the Masque.
  4. The Neu Repair Leave-In Treatment: apply to damp hair every time you wet it.

Get ready: next-level resilience and revitalization are just around the corner.

We can’t wait to see how the Neu Repair Treatment Masque transforms your look!

Don’t forget to share your before and after results with a tag on Instagram (@neumabeauty) and TikTok (@neumabeauty), where we’re sharing even more Masque content. See you there!