Like a breath of fresh air, Neuma emerges with a new brand identity that is not only turning heads but leading the charge in the next frontier of clean beauty. Born in 2011 from the belief that every human should experience product performance without sacrificing your hair, your health or the planet, Neuma pioneered clean beauty in professional hair care space. Pouring decades of experience into each intricate formula, Neuma has set the standard of delivering high-performance haircare collections that are safe, effective and undeniably clean. Our clean ingredient philosophy, paired with green science innovation, fuels our mission to create professional formulas with a conscience. Carrying on the legacy of forward-thinking and ever-evolving innovation, we are thrilled to launch a completely new brand identity aligned with non-profit partnerships to catapult the brand to the next level.

“Neuma’s new identity is not only sophisticated and modern but continues to reflect the core ethos of our organization,” states Maureen Saenz, Vice President of Marketing at Neuma. “We exist for the good of the planet, people and performance. Our world continues to evolve, and with it, consumers’ desires for brands that are authentic, transparent, value self-expression and are committed to making a difference – all things at the core of Neuma’s beliefs. With this restage, we are going above and beyond to deliver a high-performance alternative that sets a new standard for clean beauty.”

Neuma’s new earth-inspired package design celebrates stripping back the non-essential to reveal the raw beauty of simplicity. Each custom molded bottle (made from 100% PCR) takes on a clean and modern silhouette while paying extra attention to details such as custom push-pull caps and a unique, matte finish to create a stunning on-shelf shopping experience. Each of the six collections boasts a unique monochromatic color inspired by the Earth’s elements to distinguish each hair concern. 

NEU MOISTURE represents the water and the ocean

NEU VOLUME represents the sky and the air

RE NEU represents the forest and nature

NEU REPAIR represents the strength from the ground

NEU CURL represents the blooming flowers and leaves

NEU STYLING represents the sand and the minerals

“Inspiration is everywhere,” says Sophie Boinat, Neuma’s Creative Director. “The creative process becomes interesting when we observe what is around us. Everything we have created for the Neuma restage has a story; nothing is left without meaning. The new Neuma is about an “all we need is less” philosophy. We removed the superficial, not only in the formulas and the marketing strategy but also in the packaging, the imagery and all creative assets.”

In the spirit of full transparency, the bottles disclose EVERY ingredient used, as well as iconography communicating its commitment to being synthetic fragrance-free, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, recyclable, Leaping Bunny certified, and manufactured using wind power offsets.

In addition, each package calls out our new sustainability partnerships with 1% for the Planet and Trees for the Future. Trees for the Future is a regenerative agriculture training organization that trains impoverished communities on sustainable land use so they can grow their economies while contributing to a healthier planet. Neuma is committed to planting one tree for every product sold.* This donation helps fund Trees for the Future’s reforestation initiatives, which in turn, helps protect the planet, end hunger and poverty and empower women. “We understand that to make a lasting impact on our planet, we need to think beyond beauty and partner with organizations that specialize in changing lives and our global footprint,” says Saenz. “We believe so strongly in the Trees for the Future cause and realize that it is a commitment of this magnitude that will move the needle in making a difference for our world.”

“It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the state of our planet and the need for urgent action,” says Trees for the Future Director of Programs Brandy Lellou. “But the good news is that Trees for the Future has a solution to some of our most pressing challenges, and we have brand partners like Neuma dedicated to making lasting change possible.”

“As we move into this new stage for Neuma, we have maintained our heritage of high-performing, non-toxic haircare formulas dedicated to maintaining a sustainable future, but we have given the brand an undeniable freshness,” states Rick Kornbluth, President and CEO of Neuma. “Our collection of formulas spans the gambit from an incredible clarifying shampoo to damaged hair treatments and an array for stylers for all hair types. The haircare industry is continuously growing, evolving and improving, and as a brand, it is imperative that we also evolve. With this restage and as leaders in the clean beauty space, we hope to break down boundaries, create community and bring innovation and sustainability to both the professional and consumer sectors.”  

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