Have you ever read the back of a beauty product and had absolutely no idea what half the ingredients were or what they could be doing to your health? Yeah, we’ve been there. It's like trying to solve a mystery without any clues. And with information so readily accessible at the tap of a screen, it's no secret that today's consumers want to become more aware of the ingredients of the products they use in their hair, on their skin, and within their homes. 


But as we become more conscious of the ingredients in our everyday products, companies are finding more and more ways to sneak in harmful toxins through the good old trick of hiding them under the label "fragrance." Don't be fooled by this- that one word to describe the sweet smells of strawberry fields and sugar cookies is anything OTHER than sweet and can contain a whole world of questionable components that we would never knowingly apply to our bodies...chemicals that can have a seriously negative impact on our health. The truth is that the "fragrance" in each of these products can contain a variety of questionable ingredients. And we're here to break some of them down for you because we believe everyone deserves to know what they're using on their skin. 


Did you know that the word "fragrance" is protected by law? This means that companies can list this generic phrase without telling you any chemicals they used to create the scent. It's no wonder they keep it a trade secret - savvy customers wouldn't buy it if they knew! Thanks to the Trade Secret Act, over 5,000 different chemicals can be used to scent products, and manufacturers only need to disclose a few of them. Unfortunately, safety testing has only been done on a small fraction of these chemicals (approximately 1,650), and over 800 of them are known to cause cancer, skin irritation, hormone disruptors, asthma inducers, and more. Yikes! And have you heard about the recent buzz surrounding parabens and phthalates? These sneaky preservatives and plastic additives have been linked to some scary stuff like breast cancer and carcinogens. Unfortunately, even if a product is labeled "paraben-free," it could still hide some dangerous fragrance additives. Basically, it's like playing a game of product roulette. 


So yes, it can be scary out there. But let's put away the fear and overwhelm for a moment. What if we told you that there are personal care products out there that not only smell amazing but also provide incredible therapeutic benefits? Thanks to essential oils, this is totally possible! Take tea tree oil as an example: this natural oil actually has antiseptic properties like most chemical-based cleaners and can be used for wound cleaning just like hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol - without any toxic downsides! 


Sadly, some companies shy away from natural essential oils because they're more expensive than synthetics. At Neuma, however, our ethical standards come first; no synthetic fragrances ever make their way into our formulas thanks to total transparency values always being upheld. Neuma believes in the power of nature to bring out your best. That's why we use only the purest of essential oils and plant-based ingredients in our formulas, allowing them to bloom and give you exceptional performance without ever risking your health! We don't mess around with parabens, phthalates, toxins, or any known carcinogens - these nasties are simply not on our radar. With Neuma, what you see on the bottle is what you get, and we're so proud to offer a wide range of safe and effective hair care options you can trust without ever compromising the quality. 


Note: Beware of companies who claim to be natural and use essential oils but still have "parfum," "perfume," or "fragrance" listed in their ingredients. They may use trace amounts of essential oils and blend them with other synthetic ingredients. 


You deserve to feel good about what you put on your skin and into your body, which is exactly why Neuma is committed to supplying you with products that will give your hair the T.L.C. it deserves without any pesky side effects so you can feel good both inside and out. Trust us, your hair and your health will thank you!