As we trade in our beach towels for backpacks and say goodbye to summer, the back-to-school season brings with it a sense of renewal. It's a time to embrace change, set new goals, and, of course, sport fresh hairstyles that speak to your personality and style! But here's the question - how do you balance style, sustainability, and hair health all at once? The answer is as elegant as it is simple: Neuma hair products. And we’re going to help you create the perfect back-to-school looks that are as kind to your hair as they are to the environment. Class is officially in session! 

Clean Beauty, Clear Conscience

 At the heart of Neuma is a deep-rooted belief in the transformative power of beauty—clean, sustainable beauty. We truly believe that looking good should never come at the expense of our health or the environment, which is why we've dedicated ourselves to creating high-quality products that are not only gentle on your hair but also kind to our planet. 

From our enriching Neu Moisture Shampoo and Neu Moisture Conditioner to the revitalizing Neu Repair Leave-In Treatment, each product in our range is infused with various plant extracts and essential oils to nourish and strengthen your hair from within. Not to mention all our products are sustainably sourced and eco-friendly, plus vegan and cruelty-free, so when we assure you that we've got you covered, we're talking about comprehensive care that extends beyond just your hair!

Neuma Solutions for Common Back-to-School Hair Challenges

Before we delve into the trending hairstyles, let's address two common hair challenges many of us face and reveal how Neuma can come to the rescue.

  1. Damage from Heat Styling

 The Challenge: The desire for flawless hair often comes with the price of heat damage. Overusing heat-styling tools can lead to dryness, split ends, and even breakage—a reality many of us are all too familiar with, unfortunately. 

 The Neuma Solution: Take a deep breath and put down that straightener from time to time. With our Neu Styling Smoothing Crème, you can achieve silky smooth, frizz-free hair without subjecting your locks to intense heat. This miracle product calms frizz and flyaways, transforming your hair into a soft, shiny, and manageable mane that's ready to conquer the school day. Or take a straight break all together and reach for Neu Styling Air-Dry Shaper to enhance and define your natural texture.


       2. Product Build-up

The Challenge: Regular, everyday use of styling products can lead to excessive build-up and residue, leaving your hair feeling heavy and looking dull. Not the ideal scenario when you’re seeing your classmates every day, right? 

 The Neuma Solution: Meet the heroes of this battle: Re Neu Shampoo and Re Neu Conditioner. These gentle, purifying formulas remove product build-up and impurities, leaving your hair feeling fresh and radiant. It's the perfect way to ensure your hair is clean and ready to be styled to perfection!   

Top Trending Back-To-School Hair Looks

Now that we’ve addressed the challenges, let's dive into some of the top trending back-to-school hair looks and explore how Neuma products can help you achieve them with ease. 

  1. Accessorized Ponytail

 Ponytails are a classic back-to-school look, but why not take it up a notch this year? Add some accessories like ribbons or barrettes for a fun twist and use our Neu Styling Clay to the front so that you can achieve a sleek, smooth ponytail that stays put throughout the day while adding a touch of shine and reducing frizz. 


  1. Braids and Twists

 Braided hairstyles are a back-to-school classic. French braids, fishtail twists—you name it, you can rock it. Keep your braids neat and tidy all day with our Neu Styling Texturizer, which offers flexible hold and humidity protection, ensuring your braids stay perfect all the way from homeroom to after-school hangouts.


  1. Easy Updos

Busy school mornings that don’t allow you time to blow-dry? No problem. Our Neu Styling Air-Dry Shaper zero-fuss formula will add body, shine, and softness so that you can effortlessly create a variety of styles without the hassle of heat styling. 


  1. Natural Waves and Curls

This school year, we’re all about celebrating our natural textures! Whether you have waves or curls, our Neu Curl Perfecting Crème will be your go-to product for hydration, definition, and reducing frizz, so that you can flaunt your beautiful locks all throughout the halls. 


  1. Space Buns

Playful, trendy, and oh-so-easy to create, space buns are definitely a hit this season. To add flexible hold and humidity resistance (plus the sweet aromas of lavender, mandarin, and vanilla), use Neu Styling Flexible Hairspray. Your space buns will be out of this world! 

So, are you ready to step into the NEU school year with style and sustainability? With Neuma, you don't have to choose between looking good, feeling good, and doing good—you’re getting all three. Here's to a new school year filled with learning, growth, and fabulous hair days!