Fall is in the air! It's a time of change, not just for the trees but also for our locks! As the leaves turn from green to gold, it's time to embrace the season's hottest hair trends and give your hair a much-needed refresh. So, what are the top looks this season? And how can Neuma help you achieve them? Let's find out. 

The Top Hair Trends for Fall 2023

You heard it here—Fall 2023 is all about boldness and self-expression. From the revival of reds and low-maintenance neutrals to the edgy shags and viral wolf cuts, there's something for everyone.

But that's not all for what’s in style! Toasted cinnamon, midnight brunette, creamy caramel, and lived-in copper colors are making waves this fall. High ponytails and bedhead braids are also on trend for their blend of style and practicality. And let's not forget choppy curls, bold layers, blunt bobs, high-shine styles, and cozy blonde ombres– they're all making a statement this season! 

So, how can you bring these trends to life while keeping your hair healthy and vibrant? That's where Neuma comes in.

How Neuma Can Help You Create Your Dream Fall Look

Neuma isn't just a brand—it's a commitment. A commitment to delivering exceptional results through clean, sustainable hair care. With our range of products, you can confidently craft stunning hairstyles without compromising your commitment to the planet.

For those who dare to embrace the liberating height of high ponytails, reach for the Neu Styling Smoothing Crème. This essential wonder-worker tames frizz and adds a smooth, glossy finish, giving your hair that coveted, effortless look.

Want to try out the shaggy layers or the bold bob? The multi-tasking, volume-boosting Neu Volume Styling Spray is your match—this fan favorite creates long-lasting body and shine while providing fullness and style support to allow your style to really stand out. It's perfect for adding a touch of volume to your look, giving it a lively bounce that lasts all day!

If you're captivated by the allure of reds and neutrals, let the Neu Moisture Shampoo and Neu Moisture Conditioner work their charm! These hydration heroes replenish dry, damaged hair, enhancing the vibrancy of your chosen shade and leaving your hair silky, radiant, and easy to manage.

And for those bold enough to go blonde, we recommend adding Neu Moisture Argan Oil to your hair regimen. This versatile, award-winning product restores strength, shine, and softness to your hair, keeping your blonde bright and beautiful.

Why Choose Neuma for Your Fall Haircare Routine?

Choosing Neuma for your fall haircare routine means choosing more than hair products. You’re embracing a brand that cares about your hair and Mother Nature. You're joining a community that cherishes clean, sustainable beauty. You're selecting products free from skin sensitizers, crafted with only the best certified organic raw materials. You're making a stand for your hair—and for our planet. 

We refuse to formulate with 13 different classes of ingredients that are known or suspected skin sensitizers. Instead, we use certified organic raw materials that improve hair health. But we're not just about clean beauty; we're also about results! Our products ensure you can embrace fall hair trends with confidence, knowing that your hair is in good hands.

So, are you ready to step into the fall season with a fresh, on-trend look? With Neuma, you can confidently embrace the season's hottest hair trends, because beautiful, healthy hair is always in season.