Even though we technically celebrated New Year’s a few months ago, the switch to spring feels like the true fresh start of the year. Are you itching to make a change?

We don’t have much advice to offer for major life changes, but we do know that anything is possible with happy, healthy hair on your side.

And the best way to achieve nothing-can-stop-me-now hair? A clean routine powered by clean beauty products.

If you’re new to the world of clean beauty, welcome! We’re so happy to have you, and we’re confident you’ll love the results.

Here’s how to transition your hair care routine for a fresh start this spring.

How to Transition to a Clean Hair Care Routine

Step 1: Clarify

After years of using traditional hair care products, your locks are likely suffering on a few fronts.

For example, product buildup. Drugstore shampoos and conditioners usually contain synthetic fragrances and toxic chemicals that don’t wash entirely away. Over time, this buildup along your scalp can clog your hair follicles and leave your strands prone to breakage.

This buildup can also lead to scalp sensitivities! If your scalp is itchy, flaky or growing less hair than it used to, questionable ingredients may be to blame.

Enter the Re Neu Clarifying Shampoo and Re Neu Conditioner, our bestselling products that feel like a fresh start in a bottle. Like everything else at Neuma, they’re formulated without the 15 damaging ingredients on our Come Clean List, but they take things even further with purifying formulas.

The Re Neu Clarifying Shampoo removes buildup without over-drying your hair, delivering a gentle cleansing with a lightweight formula. After the shampoo deep cleans the scalp, The Re Neu Conditioner continues to nourish the strands to detangle, smooth, and soothe.

By starting with these clarifying formulas, you’ll have the perfect foundation to breathe new life into your hair!

Step 2: Focus

After hitting the reset button with the Re Neu collection, we recommend zeroing in on a specific hair goal.

We love goal-specific hair products because everyone’s hair is different. With the perfect formula for your unique hair needs, it’s much easier to fast-track your hair transformation.

For example, our Neu Moisture Shampoo and Neu Moisture Conditioner work to give dry, brittle strands more fluidity, body and shine. Or, if you’re tired of flat hair and static flyaways, the Neu Volume Shampoo and Neu Volume Conditioner strengthen strands for more dimension.

Focused hair products are especially important for damaged hair. If your locks are struggling to recover from bleach or heat, the Neu Repair Shampoo and Neu Repair Conditioner are all about reducing breakage.

If you have no idea what you need, our Hair Quiz is here to help! It only takes a minute or two to get customized recommendations.

Step 3: Nurture

Shampoo and conditioner aren’t the only way to revitalize your routine. Clean hair care should always include nourishing treatments!

In the spirit of spring, now is the perfect time to reawaken your hair with an intensive mask. Our best-selling Neu Moisture Masque offers unmatched hydration, while our NEW Neu Repair Treatment Masque replenishes strands for ultimate restoration. Use them after shampooing in place of your conditioner and leave them on for just two minutes, 1-2x a week as needed.

But clean haircare doesn’t end there, either. You can also use a leave-in treatment on a daily basis!

The Neu Repair Leave-In Treatment adds a damage-fighting shield to damp hair, so this one is perfect for hair-wash days. And for dry hair, the Neu Moisture Instant Fix hydrates unruly strands, and the Neu Moisture Argan Oil restores luster and shine.

Step 4: Play

Clean haircare doesn’t mean boring haircare. Even with a switch to clean products, you can still style your hair to the nines!

If you love styling with heat, we always recommend the Neu Volume Styling Spray. On top of delivering heat protection, it also provides fullness, style support and a barrier against moisture loss. You can also lock in your look with the Neu Styling Flexible Hairspray.

To enhance your natural texture and maintain lasting bounce, consider the Neu Styling Mousse and the Neu Styling Air-Dry Shaper.

For both heat and non-heat styling, the Neu Styling Smoothing Creme is perfect for fighting frizz and boosting shine.

For men and women with shorter cuts, our Neu Styling Clay and Neu Styling Fiber slick back strands without the stickiness or residue of non-clean beauty products.

Even if you’re not a styling pro, using clean beauty products throughout the rest of your routine will make your hair more manageable and polished!

Step 5: Repeat

Finally, when it comes to clean hair care, patience is a virtue. If you don’t see results right away, stick with it and don’t give up just yet! Depending on the product, it can take at least a month (or two) to unlock your full transformation. And here at Neuma, we’ll be here for you throughout the journey!

New season, new hair! And with clean hair care in your corner, we have a feeling you’ll awaken a whole new YOU this spring, too.

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